Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Salam and Well Wishes

well, looks like this blog is not getting much updates, yep, everybody's busy with their lives. Almost all of my fellow batchmates have already registered. All that's left are the Taylorians, due this coming 10th, the KYUEM-ers, due this 20th and those flying off straight away to Egypt and England on private funding, due in September.

so, I'm trying my best to list out all the names that I know who earned scholarships, if I left out anyone, it wasn't intentional, either I didn't know, or I simply forgot, but you can add it on to the list via comments:

JPA (oh, sometimes I refer to it as PSD in this post)

1. Syakir Fakhri (I think he's doing AUSMAT for Engineering in New Zealand, currently in INTEC)
2. Shafizul (A-level in INTEC, Twinning Program Medicine)
3. Mohd Zulfikar (INTEC also, bound for India for Medicine)
4. Baihaqi (A-level in INTEC, Medicine I think in Ireland)
5. Zarir Azim (I dunno much. medicine also I think)
6. Azri (INTEC, not sure for what)
7. Aiman Naim (INTEC, bound for Engineering in Korea. He also was offered an Engineering program bound for China by Petronas, but he declined)
8. Amerudin (INTEC, bound for India for Medicine)
9. Nabilah Halim (UM, bound for Japan for Dentistry)
10. Aziza (UM, bound for Japan for Engineering)
11. Habibah (INTEC, bound for Jordan for Dentistry)
12. Aiman Yusoh (Kolej Bandar Utama, AUSMAT, bound for Australia for Engineering)
13. Syafiq Ibrahim (Taylor's University College, International Canadian Pre-University, ICPU, bound for Canada for Engineering)
14. Kamilah (ditto)

*13 and 14 appealed.


1. Nik Amirul Hakim (INTEC, American Degree Foundation Program, bound for USA for Engineering)
2. Nur Nafis (Taylor's University College, American Degree Transfer Program, bound for USA for Actuarial Science)
3. Aizuddin (Kolej Teknologi Timur, A-levels, bound for India for Medicine.)
4. Afiq Zakaria (UniKL MIAT, I think, Russian Program for Aeronautical Engineering)
5. Nadia
6. Adilah Nasir
7. Adilah Nazihah (Foundation in MSU for Optometry)


1. Fikri Hisyam (KYUEM, A-levels, bound for UK for Power Engineering. he declined PSD offer for engineering n France.)

BANK NEGARA (Kijang Emas: only given to five recipients, and they can choose whatever course they wish to pursue in any country of choice)

1. Syuhadah (KYUEM, A-levels, bound for UK for Medicine. She was also offered the PSD NAtional Scholarship for being one of the Top 30 scorers, but declined.)

UTP (Petronas)

1. Hairul Azman (Mechanical Engineering. he declined PSD offer for IB in KMB, bound for UK for Engineering)
2. Syafiq Che Muda (Engineering)
3. Omar Abdul Malik (Petroleum Geoscience)

Yayasan Islam Kelantan

1. Afiq Aziz (Medicine, bound for Egypt)

The others also earned PSD scholarships for local institutions, namely Rafiq Razuki, Wan Amirah Balqis, Hisham Mamat, Norani Redzuan, Nizar Zubir, Amin Ramli, well, that's about all that I know of. Noraini Mohd Nor got the PSD appeal for New Zealand in Accounting, but she declined, preferring to stay in UIA for Foundation in Medicine. Izzat Salihuddin is going to Manchester University for Foundation in Accounting. Majid, I think is going to Egypt, although he did get the PSD scholarship for Medicine in India. Mustaqim is also bound for Egypt for Medicine.

and I keep updating this list..oh yaa...where is Shahrul Afaham bound to for Medicine? He's under JPA or MARA?

Oh, do correct me if I'm wrong, but so far, this is what I know of.

to all Farisians 0509, please click here: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fdocs.google.com%2Fdocument%2Fpub%3Fid%3D1XLkwELOOlyFIjRNHSKoOWhUtXQlohDsXIOadLirKQcI%26embedded%3Dtrue&h=04d8ax7iOpAKZ_f-bhXNeYuBrnw

The rest of us mostly are either in Matriculation (the most Farisian population is in Kulim), UiTM (the highest Farisian population is in Puncak Alam), UM, UIA, UniKL, UPNM, one in ALAM, one in UNIMAS, and others. I'd love to mention all your names, but simply too many to list out, and I don't exactly know everyone's whereabouts, except those still in contact, but anyhow, I'd like to wish all of you Good luck, guys.

anyhow, it doesnt matter whether you're going for local or overseas, all that matters is that you give your best. we have our own unconventional ways to succeed. even people who don't have a degree can be very successful. yes, grades may play a part to open up opportunities for you to reach your goal, but whether or not you are given that opportunity, but if you are an opportunist, you can either make your own opportunity or you make the best of the opportunity given. get what i'm saying?

some people, they have that potential, they already have the opportunity, but one wrong decision, screws it up, and one door closes. If that person is an opportunist, he will find that another door opens when that door closes. If that person is a pessimist? well, that door closing means the end of everything. how do you move forward with an attitude like that?

so, what I'm saying here is, attitude is more important compared to grades, compared to whatever institution you are studying in. correct attitude can do you wonders. seriously.

Another lesson I've learnt is that keberkatan is very important, either from your parents, or your teachers, or from mankind in general. I know I rebelled a LOT in my school days, and believe it or not, it will take a toll on you. things have a way of coming back at you. you know, karma, what goes around comes around? It may not hit you now, but later on? life is a continuous journey, and SPM is just the beginning of a greater journey. I used to think that SPM was the end of it, but I was wrong.

oh yeah, and do enjoy your school days while it lasts although you might think you're going through H*LL at that time. at the end of the day, your friends from Faris, are your friends for life.

About next year's PSD scholarship, I'm not sure what the turn out is, They're saying that they'll gradually decrease the places until PSD scholarship is no longer available. This means that there'll be tighter competition and more DIRTY POLITICS. yeah, it helps if you've got a connection in the ministry.

I personally think it's wrong to play it dirty, it's not fair to others, but when it is something crucial regarding your finance and your future, who wouldn't right? does anyone ever stop to think that God is fair? can't they just play fair and let fate do the work? no. so much for meritocracy. okay, I'm not going to harp on any political issue, here.

my point is that,

all that we are able to do now is to do our best, and pray for the best. who knows, against all odds, you can still earn it. So, I'm wishing all the fivers of 2010,