Sunday, October 17, 2010

ohho..nearing the end of the year

This blog looks dead, so might as well I post something.

I missed PMR the other day. I didn't realize it was October, but I'm sure that they did their best.

Next up's SPM. Hope to get an update on your results next year. (If there are any updates at all).

It has been an eventful year for Faris, I'm sure of, but less controversial I suppose. So far that I've heard, the prefects made their maiden international excursion toBeijing. The Jap students got a visit from a Jap school. co-curricular activities just get better don't they? The most stark difference is the rise of new buildings on the school grounds and the extensive "jailing" structures.

Oh, you'll get that SBT status alright. Don't fret. Finance is ALWAYS distributed FAIRLY in the Malaysian Education system, don't you think so? It is rare that I berkias(and by saying this, I am making it more obvious that I am, which defeats the purpose of berkias which is supposed to be subtle), but in this case, it seems like a delightful thing to do. (come to think of it, had I not posted the sentence in the first parentheses, ISA wouldn't have a reason to convict me).

English debate, the East HKSBP had their first (this is a Yoda structured sentence, apparently). Golf looks a hell lot better compared to my time. Corporate day as well. looks a hell lot more proper, so I didn't actually fight for it in vain.

when oh when else can I cause political stir? Faris was such a fun place to do so. I am like so bored in Taylor's everything is so properly managed, I have no reason to well, rebel.

why the hell am I posting this anyway?

well, this blog seems dead anyway. But I'm sure many will agree, school is the best time to be rebellious.

the thing is, I didn't see anything wrong skipping class during my school days, I openly admit that I do it quite often, despite being a prefect. (yaw boo sucks to me. but I don't feel that I did anything wrong).

here, in college, you won't get sent to the principal's office for skipping class, but yet, you still feel guilty skipping. so, it's not that fun being rebellious. almost all rebellious people i know have all become so berjurus in college. seriously.