Saturday, July 26, 2008

patience [sabar]

There's an article that attracted me to share with everyone. It's all about patience. You can read the story in the era of our Prophet, the Messenger of Allah, from the link below.

You'll find how small we are among all. Sometimes, yeah, i agree with the comments, we are hardly to be patient without sighing at the very beginning.

Every pleasure we adore and every hardship we go through, all come from The One and Only, Allah the Almighty. Let's talk about me. I did whining and babbling over things that sometimes messed me up. I overjoyed when everything seemed easy to me. I forgot, there's Allah, watching over me, every second not to miss. After reading the article, I admired how the woman can still survive in her life, despite the loss of all her family members.

*flashed back* Yesterday, I had my study circle session [or usrah, in FARIS' term]. we discussed on the study of aqidah. Our facilitator explained the meanings of Islam, Iman and Ihsan. Islam is when you say Asyhadu alla ila ha illallah, Wa asyhadu anna muhammadur rasulullah, when you perform your solah, when you fast in the month of Ramadhan and when you go for hajj [only for those who are truly capable from sorts of aspects, especially your finance]. Iman is when you believe in Allah, His Prophet, His Angels, His Book, the day of kiamah and the qadar and qada' . Ihsan is the feeling of serving your Creator, to watch every step you take, when you know He's merely watching. Also, she added to my mind, the kalimah syahadah, how special the words are, even they are just few. How the syahadah has the power, under His command, can move the mountains, split the earth. Then, we started to discuss more to other things in Islam. How we are easily to forget, that every thing that happens, comes from Allah. Both pleasure and hardship, are to test our iman. That's what everybody were agreed to. For example, having fever, sometimes turn us to a lazy and dependant person. During the period we are sick, we tend to not perform our solah while we are still capable to do it. We have rukhsah for those who are sick, either to perform their solah by sitting or by laying down. At the same time, believe it or not, all our small sins will be vanished.
That's the beauty of Islam.
Allah knows better. Waallahu a'alam..

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