Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Language Of Loyalty

Ok, this is actually something to gossip about, at least, the teachers are doing it, oftenly. Well when it comes to being loyal, there is a fine line between fundamentalist (or fanatist) and plain 'I'll abide to your rule' loyal. We can follow orders, but being walked in the road someone has set is damn agonizing. Yes this post is dedicated to our beloved new leader. I try not to say anything too provocative but I simply cannot put this matters behind us, acting like we dont know anything (or act nevertheless). Why? Well, in every circle there is the Golden Age and we have the Dark Age. Although you get all these new structures, glittering new verandah to name the 'few', you will also obtain this flooding dark sensation. This is the dark age, I suppose. People prefer academic improvement,not waterfalls. Come on people, listen to what the students have to say. Corporate day, KOT 'back to the future', and bla...bla..bla......Ok end this crappy gossip, we should do something. Done. period.

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