Saturday, September 18, 2010


What comes to mind when someone mentions that word? Old boys with wives and kids showing up at their reunion after ten years? Giving back to the school after you've had success?

Some might go, "I so damn miss school and mah schoolmates."

While some would go, "To H*LL with that school! I've waited oh so long to be free from it. I just miss my friends."

Usual reactions would be the first one, but I know for recent generations of Farisian graduates, they'd have yet to relish the newfound freedom, so, some of them do have that second reaction.

Anyhow. I went to the Alumni event on the second day of Raya. As expected, the most people that turned up were from the early-eighties batch, but they were still some from the nineties and a few from the 2000-generation.

Yes, it was awkward due to the generation gap, my batch, who have just left school in not even a year, felt the most awkward being there. We don't know most people there, it's not our party, and we're the most junior there. Well, "Alumni" makes you sound old, and yeah, we'd just gotten out of school, nobody's interested to be involved in any Alumni-related activties yet, I understand completely because I feel the same way, but I'd really like to thank those who came anyway, although you guys didn't plan it, and I didn't even get to talk to all of you.

I took this pic from Syazliana (0408)'s Facebook. there's me and the few batch members. there's actually more than that that came, but they remained outside. no other girls made it, yeah, it was held at night time AT the school hall.

Next year will be a lot more grand, and hopefully, they'll do it at daytime, so more people can show up. Girls especially, for those interested, I mean.

Even if you're not interested in the Alumni committee itself, (I understand, because honestly, I'm not interested either. I just got out of school. I have yet to taste life :-p) just come for old times' sake and meeting up with friends. I wish I had more time to talk to you guys.

I took this pic from Uncle Sseme's Facebook. Well, that's everyone, but my batchmates were mostly not in it. Don't worry guys, I understand.

Thanks to all those involved to make it happen. Perhaps we'll see more participation in the future.

To the Third Formers of 2010, Good Luck for your PMR. Fivers of 2010, good luck for your SPM.

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