Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Farisians!!

The date itself says it all. 01.01.2011 or 1.1.11.This year, this whole new year is gonna be special. Lucky nowadays we have blogs, Facebook, Twitter and so many things else that make our world smaller and I'm using that opportunity to wish you all ;


Let's make 2011 a different year than any other year before, make it as best as we can. We Malaysians already got a sweet 2010 end of year present, the Suzuki Cup and hopefully many more wonderful surprise coming in 2011. I guess everyone have their own resolutions for the new year, whatever it is, hopefully the change is for better.

To my buddies, my brothers and sister from batch 0509, damn I miss you all so much. I may sound stupid, but let's have a reunion somewhere in July yeah ( because I will be in Malaysia by that time! =D)

And to the seniors and juniors, I pray that you all are fine right now and doing great wherever you are or whatever you are doing. We Farisians are proud of every single of our family members. To the juniors, I pray that you all finish your school with a high flying achievements. We seniors and ex-farisians are always here to support and help you all...

Just one piece of advice to everyone as I was here celebrating new year's countdown with my friends in Manchester and how I realize, how Malaysia is better in every sense especially how we celebrate new year. Some people doesn't like the concert being held in KLCC, but for, that's a great way how we bring everyone together in one place and have fun. Here in Manchester, people go to clubs and do nothing. Seriously people here is kinda boring. Haha. I miss the time when I watch the top artists performing live in KLCC, when we all will gather and have fun watching the top artists either in TV or live. That's why there is peribahasa Melayu ;

Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri.

Okay, I hope the peribahasa was right. Haha. Sorry Cikgu Paridah! =P

So, Happy New Year again guys!

Izzat Bin Mohamad Salihuddin
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p/s : Let's make things more interesting yeah. Post a comment for this post and answer this 3 questions : 1. What's your three best moment in 2010?  2. What's your three worst moment in 2010?  3. What's your resolution for 2011?
Looking forward for your comments! =)


Nana said...

YAY! Happy New Year to you too! And looking forward for July, I'll be done with pre-u by then! haha.

1. Best moments in 2010:

a. Program Kepimpinan Tun Razak
b. High School Graduation
c. My Musical Theatre performance in Taylor's

2. Worst moments in 2010:

a. failing my driving test twice, but it's no biggie now, but I'm still not driving since getting my license!
b. not getting any scholarships,and not having place to turn to for an education, no back-up plans, but alhamdulillah, JPA had mercy on me when I appealed.
c. a lil' personal reason I wish not to say. haha

3. My resolutions for 2011:

I wrote about that on my personal blog, but to summarize, basically, character building, self-improvement, graduating pre-u and being a better person. WHat about you guys?

PJ said...

Haha. Thanks Kam. Looking forward to meet you after a while dok main fb jer keje.

Well, my best moments and worst moments semua ada dalam my personal blog. Haha. Malas nak repeat including my resolutions.