Friday, September 5, 2008

how to beef up your brain??


i extracted this from livescience..

5 ways on how to beef up your brain..
eat your brain food
junk food can junk up your brain
tranx fats and saturated fats in heavily processed food can affect the brain's synapses
omega-3 fatty acids: salmon, walnuts and kiwis-give synapses a boost
and help fight against mental disorder from depression to dementia
hit the gym
exercise is a mild stressor to brain
improve your memory
make you think more clearly
decrease the risk of developing cognitive diseases
trigger the release of chemicals called growth factor,
which make the brain's neurons healthier and stronger
half an hour every other day
stretching helps to reduce stress
mind benders
brainteasers, crossword puzzles and memory games
to stay mentally active
reduce risks ofdeveloping of dementia
provide a boost to the systems that control attention and learning
memory tricks
keeping information stored in your memory banks
retaining memory with age
prediction can enhance memory
give it a rest
give brain a chance to replay memories of the day
consolidate memories for long-term storage
brain can review much faster when asleep
please, no more all-nighters, students!!
90-minute mid afternoon nap helps solidify long-term memories
(just like what our Prophet taught us)

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