Monday, April 27, 2009


our new PK Hem is Encik Ahmad Hamdany Ahmad Halimy who was previously PK KO for SMSD

ok for drama zon timur we were champion!!!!!

awards for best costume, director, supporting actor, actor, props, and special effects. the only thing we didn't get was for best script.

drama kebangsaan, we only got for best costume, from what i heard, there was an alleged sabotage to our school team =(.

basketball zon timur champion for both guys and girls. best players were also from our school, syahir naim and tengku nadia

marsya nasyirra was 1st for public speaking zon timur

our school also won the Young Achievers Award competition national level: fikri hisyam, nafis and hairul azman

well, that's all for now.


Ainul said...

alhamdulillah, congrats!!!
bkpo bila kak eno kuar dr faris bru nk menang blako nih???
congrats to UIA debaters also~

f said...


u guys rock!!