Friday, July 22, 2011

Biar cukup ilmu di dada

Assalamualaikum Farisians!

I don't know whether this blog is still active or not since the last post also is from me. Anyway, I'll just write one, which I think is very important for us Farisians and ex-Farisians who are still studying.

The topic is simple enough,

"Biar cukup ilmu di dada"

I guess some people already know where this topic is going. I can't write about tips for interviews or studies or whatsoever formula for success because I'm not smart and I don't see life as a structure that we have to use specific formula to succeed. I rather share my experience and opinion with people and let them judge which one is good for them and which one is not.

Breakfast at 8am along Thames River, London

I came back from Manchester for a 3 months summer holidays and that's a picture of my self-cooked mee-hoon for my breakfast along Thames River, London, hours before my flight back to Malaysia. When I reach Malaysia, after 10 months abroad, I was quite impressed with some new roads, buildings and services especially our telecommunication services which now provide people with the exact plans they provide in the UK which give people free phones, but have to subscribe the plans. This makes life for the people easier, a lot easier in fact as mobile phones right now are really crucial no matter where you are. Even kids nowadays have to use mobile phones. Call them spoiled kids, but look around, with kidnappers all over the place and parents are too busy to pick up their children on time, mobile phones really do play a role helping to prevent the worst case scenario.

Anyway, when I came back, I was surprised to actually got to know about BERSIH. Call me lame, but forgive me, the news about BERSIH didn't really reach UK. Life was much easier and happier back there. Haha. Anyway, I don't wanna give a comment about BERSIH's plan and action. But it saddens me to see "MELAYU KITA" easily got provoked by those people who are not even fighting for Malays. Just because some people gives you an article and gives you a link of a video in the youtube doesn't mean everything they say is for real! Do some research first about those articles and link and see whether the sources are valid. Some of the sources are just made up. I'm not on anybody's side. But think back, those who starts BERSIH are not even Melayu, but on that demonstration day, only the Malays were arrested and only few non-Malays joined. The one died was it Malay? =)

If we really wanna fight for our race, don't let the non-Malays get involved. Sorry to say this, but make it like a family fight. You fight your own brother, but you never let anybody else to come and solve it. Instead, your father will come up with a peaceful solution. Think back, for what reason that the non-Malays wanna fight for our race? We get powerful and they got weaker? NO!

And some people come up with foolish comment about both government and BERSIH saying all those bad things that people don't wanna hear and some of them are just made up by the people. Aduhai Melayu, fitnah sana-sini, bohong sana-sini. The other races are just laughing at us. Singaporean press, UK press and Indonesian press exaggerated the situation in our country, make it looked worst than what actually happened. They make us looked like we are totally divided and having a demonstration just like the one in the Middle East. Come on! I was having a coffee and laughing with my friends on that day that I thought the demonstration was cancelled!

Think back, especially us, students, a group which some people focus as the main target because we are the one easily got provoked, easily being cheated with wise words and charismatic speech. Get some knowledge, do your own research, learn back the real history of Malaysia, not the Paleolitik thing and whatsoever Zaman Batu. Look back at what's the real Declaration of Independence is all about. 1957, only 100 000 (somewhere around that value) are given Tanah Melayu nationality as a part of agreement between the Malays and the British, others were given the permanent residential license. Read Tun Mahathir's biography and books, read all those Malaysian history books. Don't read SPM Sejarah books because it's bullshit. It gives you nothing back to think about. Have yourself some proper and complete knowledge of our real country's situation first, then you can decide whether to do a demonstration or not.

"Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu"

Think about it.

An expression from a sad Malay
Izzat Salihuddin


Nana said...

It seems pretty much dead, I've nothing new to update. Perhaps when I get to Canada. anyways, nice post! wish there were more participating in discussing such issues.

Jack said...

Kena semua aktif la. Takleh la kita dua je.Yang lain kena tolong sebarkan blog ni jugak kat junior2 and senior2 kita. Semua bagi pendapat masing2. Open discussion.