Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well, we've hadn't had updates from the school for a very long time. Most of the updates is managed by Cikgu Azemi in his own Faris Petra blog. Very informative, you'll find all those there. I should say the school's expedition to Cambodia was commendable.

Anyway, here are a few buildings that have been finished, and ready for use next year:

The new Aspuri. The student population is still maintained. The new building is basically to make up for the crowded dorms.

This used to be where Cikgu Razuki used to live:

Inside the Aspuri:

The dorm:

Warden's house:

The new academic block, I didn't get to go inside, though:

The new dewan:

The new office tile:

New deco for the old dewan:

And the school has a change of principal from KJ to Tn Hj Shaffie, from SMK Long Ghafar. More info, visit Cikgu Azemi's blog.

Ramadan Mubarak to all and good luck to the Form Five students who are having their trials now.

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