Saturday, December 6, 2008

Something to Share

What has brought my attention to the topic of women rights was when I watched one of the episodes of Commander In Chief on Hallmark. In that series, the president of the United States was supposedly a woman. Interesting, and she plans to take the stand for women rights to the next level despite the controversies arousing her brave statement. The debate was whether or not it was relevant to debate on an old issue, in respect of the state of today's society. Women of today have a better status than they did way back in the days of history old.

Women emancipation has been heatedly debated especially in the West throughout the time, and perhaps, the most memorable one was of the Suffragettes, fighting the right of women to vote. Some places in Africa, in history, does not even recognize rape of women, as a crime, however, all of that has changed, thankfully. The question now is, are women actually 'emancipated' as we are all thought to belief? well, it depends.Although women's rights has never been an issue in Malaysia, but I do feel a certain 'gender discrimination' common in most culture.

I am not suggesting that women have to do men's jobs or to be like men to be their equals, but I do belief that it is fair that women are also viewed as individuals worthy of respect and are entitled to our own opinions, not merely as eye candy, for that matter.

Society has a way of condemning people into stereotypes, a suffocating culture that dictates how one must or must not act. The unnecessary unwritten laws of the social hierarchy.

Just because women can make housewives doesn't make us slaves to men. Yes, I can accept that women are identified by their economic status as a 'homemaker', but it is unfair to judge whether a not that woman is a 'Lady' by her capability to do house chores. That is not all that women can do. I am not saying that a woman should abandon her household duties to be equal. what I ask is for men to not view women only capable of doing those chores. That is not all that we are good for.

We have as much intelligence as men does. yes, I know, people usually refute that statement by saying that biologically, it is proven, and even in the Islamic religion it is proven.

I say, apologize for my language, bullshit.

Islam has never been unfair to women, that is why they ask us to cover up. The religion respects women in comparison to any other religion in the world. What has opened my eyes to this fact was simply by reading one of my dad's books by Adam Patel titled, Islam Is The Choice Of Thinking Women.It is justified that in Islam, both men and women are treated just the same. I am not trying to prove that women are better than men, or either gender is better than the other, for that matter, please be clear.

In Islam, either the man or the woman is evaluated on their deeds and doings, not whether one is smarter than the other. They can both enjoy the same privileges. The only thing that differentiates the man from the woman, other than biological factors is their separate duties. These duties must not be compared, so it cannot be debated whether any of their duties is more heavier than the other, they are equally heavy, although not the same.

About the intelligence factor, men have a tendency to think in simpler ways, whereas women, tend to think..well..differently, or in some cases, surveys show that women prefer factual subjects compared to calculations. This does not prove that one is smarter than the other. This simply implies that some people do things better than the other, while the other can do other things better than the latter. God has always been fair.

I think, what determines one's success is not in the gender, but in their effort. Success in Islam, is the combination of Doa and Tawakkal. It is the same for all individuals, regardless of gender. You work for it, then you'll get it.Lets say, if people say that women are less successful because biologically they are less smart, that means that all women are doomed to this unfortunate fate. Come on, this is just another one of the tricks that degrades one's motivation. Besides, there are also other factors that determines success, not intelligence alone.

like, do you tell your daughter, "aww..of course you can't beat him although you work hard, he's a guy, it's typical for guys to laze around and still get good grades, he's made that way."It's like saying, it's futile to work hard because you know you'll never beat him, that guys have the genetic upperhand since the whole world is a primordial soup. Are you denying the Divine power in determining one's fate? Whatever happened to Doa and Tawakkal in the equation of success? That also goes the same for cheaters, they have violated the Divine law of Doa and Tawakkal as the key to success.That is the reason why I was compelled to write this entry. I feel that women have still not been fully emancipated psychologically, at the least, in my own classroom. They willingly 'surrender' to the dominant male to keep 'order', and it is those females that earn a name in the boys' good books. I feel that not many of them have the drive to compete with boys, I bet there must be a difference in the all-girl boarding school. How could they have done so well? Was it for women's pride?

I do not wish to invoke feminism in any female readers, honestly, no. When I speak of this issue, some people have labeled me a 'feminist', but from my readings, I have discovered of the feminist movements in the past, and in the West, especially, and from the knowledge of the cause that they are fighting for, I feel that they were absurd and against my religion. The cause of these feminist movements do not celebrate womanhood, they do not embrace it. Instead, they are going against nature's laws regarding women, I suggest you do your reading as well on this.

For me, it always comes down to the basics, it doesn't have to be hard. If in doubt, always go back to Islam's basic teachings, go back to the Prophet's hadiths, to the Quran. They are the guidance, and there is no question to their teachings to distinguish of what's right and what's wrong.About this issue, I believe there is no fighting for required, we just need a few attitude changes from both the man and the woman herself.

For the men, do respect as us individuals who also has rights to her own ideas, not just toys or slaves.

Be honored that women in Islam have been appreciated for their true worth, and be honored that men are made the guardiansof these sacred treausres. That is the sole privilege bestowed upon men above women: the status as the protector, as well as physical strength to help them fulfill their noble task of protecting women.

To women, please take care of yourselves and especially, your DIGNITY. You can compete with men if you set your mind to it, as long as you do not cross the line that Islam has set for you.That is all that matters. Honesty, justice and integrity is the way of Islam. Wassalam.

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afiqah said...

ATTENTION!! this is a forwarded email that a friend of mine sent to me. it's something that we, the women should really know.

''The law clearly states that between 6 pm and 6am, a woman has the right to REFUSE to go to the Police Station, even if an arrest warrant has been issued against her .

It is a procedural issue that a woman can be arrested between 6pm and 6 am, ONLY if she is arrested by a woman officer and taken to an ALL WOMEN police station.

And if she is arrested by a male officer, it has to be proven that a woman officer was on duty at the time of arrest.

It is good for us to know our rights.''

just some knowledge to all of us.

natasya azwin said...

salam piqah