Sunday, June 28, 2009

St. John Ambulance State camp.

45 students from our school (11 boys and the rest are girls) had participated in this annual event held at Kem Kijang. a total number of 12 schools from all over Kelantan took part in it.

this year badges are:
+ road safety
+something about drugs
+community service; and
+casualty make-up

we also managed to win some of the competitions there, which are:

+1st place in Long Case (first aid for boys) Adult category
+1st place in marching for Adult(boys)
+1st place in marching for Cadet (boys)
+2nd place in Nursing (first aid for girls)Adult category
+2nd place in marching for Adult (girls)
+2nd place in Camp Decoration
+3rd place in 'Malam Kebudayaan'

with those awards, we managed to be the overall winner for this year camp!!!

anyways, thanks to teacher Mai for her commitment towards the school platoon.

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