Friday, March 12, 2010


To greet people:
  1. greet
  2. shake hands
  3. find something interesting on that person (like a piece of accessory or the outfit) and compliment it in he sincerest way possible.
  4. thank them if they return the compliment.

why must we do this?

for making a good first impression on people!

First impression is based on:
  1. visual (how you look and present yourself, body language) 55 %
  2. vocal (your intonation of voice) 38%
  3. verbals (what you say) 7%

be careful what you post on the internet especially in your profile or blog, your interviewer might already be checking you out, and if your website is like, well, urhm, bitchy and childish and in many ways obnoxious, you're in big trouble, that is if they found you out in your website.

Look good in your passport photo when you submit your CV and resumes, it also makes an impression on your charcter, imagine in your passport photo your face is oily, you didn't comb your hair and you have sleepy eyes, what does that tell the interviewer?

3A's of Image Management:
  1. appearance
  2. action
  3. attitude
increase your likeability factor to people, don't have inferiority(you feel a low self-esteem and self-worth of yourself)/ superiority(you feel that you're better than others) complex.

Body language:
  1. smile a lot
  2. have eye contact
  3. good posture (no slouching or mendada)
  4. have a good handshake (close and firm grip, palm to palm)
  5. body odour is a NO-NO. Girls, to wear perfume, put it on the points of your pulse.
Don't invade people's personal space, stand at a correct distance to that person.

How to kill nervousness during a presentation:
  1. steeple hands
  2. smile
  3. do a sound check before you begin
  4. nod to get nods from irresponsive audience
effective communication is not about what is said, but what is recieved.

well, that's about it that I gathered from Wendy Lee, another professor, Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd. Azree bin Idris (Timbalan Dekan HAl Ehwal Pelajar dan Perhubungan Luar UNITEN) said:

we must create rapport, mirror what the interviewer is doing appropriately, make them comforatble with you, and simulate leadership when speaking in public.

I hope this is beneficial for those of you going for interviews soon.

more info on interviewee's ideal criteria here.