Friday, March 12, 2010


For those budak-budak FAris yang still di bangku sekolah, here are some tips for your corporate day wear, for other ex-FArisians yang akan pergi interview mana-mana, this is for you as well.

Choosing your shirt:
  1. Avoid dark colors, choose pastel colors (light blue, pink, etc.) instead. It must be lighter than your pants. Black is a NO-NO.
  2. look for structured materials like cotton instead of polyester.
  3. the most professional color is white, followed by pastels, then stripes. If possible, if you want to wear stripes, choose small and narrow stripes, and please, no contrasting colored stripes, looking corporate, you'd might want to reduce the colors. Rule of thumb, the more patterned and striking your shirt is, the less professional you look.
  4. tightness of collar is one or two fingers can reach into the collar. three is too longgar.
  5. balance the size of your tie knot to your collar size, you don't want your tie knot too big or too small.
  6. don't wear button down collar, the one with buttons at the collar.
  7. your shirt is too small for you when you can see the wristbone when you stretch your arms sideways.
  8. tuck your shirt into your underwear for more neat tuck-in, if your underwear peaks out, it's because your pants ride too low.
  9. don't mix too striking patterns of your shirt and tie. If it is noticeable from a distance that there are two patterns on your upper body, you are not professional.

Choosing your pants:
  1. Dark colors like black and dark browns, no light colored pants please.
  2. Avoid patterned pants. Pinstripe is okay.
  3. The pants must hug your bum, otherwise it looks baggy.
  4. If you have a small bum, don't wear pleated pants.
  5. Pants must not be too long or too short. If you can see a bit of the shoe heel from the back view, that is most ideal.
  6. Once again, choose structured material, not the licin sort.
  7. socks must match pants
Choosing your belt:

  1. dark colors, no studded belts please.
  2. The belt width must not be thicker than your thumb.
  3. the belt buckle is not that big that it is noticeable from a distance.
  4. the belt must go through the first loop only. more than that, it is too long and selekeh, less than that, it is too short.

  1. Wear a working watch
  2. your tie must reach the middle of your belt buckle, that is the ideal length
  3. If possible, wear blazers.
  4. Wear square toed shoes with thin soles. The more rubbery and thicker the sole, the less professional you look. Tolong, no slippers, sandals or boots. keep those shoes well-polished.
  5. Hair short, but not too short, no long hair, but no skinheads, and definitely no mohawks and dreadlocks!.

Hierarchy of International Professional dress code for men:

  1. 3-piece suit (with vest and matching blazers and pants)
  2. double-breasted blazer
  3. single-breasted blazer
  4. blazer

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