Friday, March 12, 2010


Choosing your clothes:

Rule of thumbs to follow:
  1. structured materials work best because it makes you look prim and clean cut, don't wear flowing materials.
  2. the more like a man you look (i.e. wear shirts and pants and blazers) the more professional you look. Sorry, I'm not being a sexist, but it is the preferred professional dress code.
  3. the more layer you put on, the more professional you look, so do wear your blazers!
  4. the more skin you show, the less professional you look. It's simple logic, more skin, more slutty you look, and you walk around as if you have 'sex' written all over you. For non-muslims, skirts should at least cover your knee caps, muslims, tahu-tahu sendiri lah ye aurat kamu.
  5. wear heels (not too high, just a bit of heels. no stillettos please) and closed toe shoes. preferably black or browns.
  6. clothes material should not be too shiny. your outfit must not be too tight or too big.
  7. girls can either wear suits or kurung.
  8. for kurung, opt for small flower patterns instead of big flower patterns.
  9. If you're wearing suit, then the conditions for the choice of shirt is exactly the same as the guys. please refer to previous post.
  10. If you have a short face (i.e. the length of your face is almost equivalent to your face width), push the fringe away from your face, so your forehead looks wider.
  11. put on some make up, but not too much, just a bit of foundation and lipstick will do.
  12. avoid oily faces!
  13. check your teaath, eyes, nose. You don't want to talk with your interviewer with a booger hanging from your nostril!
  14. for people who have eyes close to each other, don't wear full-frame glasses
  15. the distance between two eyebrows is two fingers, so shape your eyebrows a little.

International dress code hierarchy for women (from professional to less professional) :

  1. matching skirt suit (but in Malaysia, matching pants suit come first, followed by unmatching pants suit, then only skirt suit)
  2. unmatching skirt suit
  3. matching pants suit
  4. unmatching pants suit

Don't pull off wearing scarves around your neck if it looks selekeh. oh, please button your shirts all the way up! For muslims, please don't wear black tudung. And for those not wearing tudung, tie your hair neatly, jangan just main lepas, preferably, tie it up in a bun.

oh, I forgot to mention, all of these information is sourced from Wendy Lee, professional image consultant from Chapter One Asia.

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