Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i want to help as well, as far as i can :)

salam and hello to all :)

okay, it has been quite a long time since i last posted anything here. All the blogging stuff at this blog were mostly done by Kam. Thanks to her this blog is still alive and maybe it's time for all the juniors, who has finally got the tittle 'ex', to actually continue with the job to update this pretty blog of faris petra. At least do share something that we, the already an ex student dont know about what's happening in the school. Maybe about all the political issues there. okay, i'm just joking. Don't take it seriously, but i'm quite  thrilled to know what had really happened in school for this year. Well, sorry to say, except for the fact that Ustaz Ibrahim got married with Cik Zahariah is the only thing i know about what has happened there, because i did go. So juniors, help me here. You guys know more right, so please share :)

Kam had already talked about all the sponsorships, all the things that you should do during the interviews, all the quite important things i assume. So, i'm not gonna add more about that. Here i just wanna share about me. So, basically now i'm doing my A level at Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) the place which i had never known before, lol, i only knew this place right after i got my offer letter from YTN or better know as Yayasan  Tenaga Nasional. Perhaps you guys don't really get it, okay, how about TNB ? okay, literally i'm under that big utility company, the biggest in SEA :) ( i'm so proud of that ). Okay, back to the point. I just want to tell you guys, especially all my juniors who just had finished their SPM, if you want to continue your study and you guys might want to take A level as your pre-U, then Kyuem is the right place to do it. Now i sounded like one of the guy in the commercial for Kyuem.haha. I'm having a tremendous time in Ky ( we usually call Kyuem as Ky ). The life here is amazing, all the teachers, the facilities, the people and all sort of things, this place is like heaven. oo and btw, for those who are scared that the might not be having a good dish here, yeah, I know how much you guys hate the dining hall. But dont worry, food served here are as good as what you always get at home. Maybe for me, sometimes it's better here because there are days where they served western food. The dining hall is heaven here, and almost hell i guess back then in school, sorry. That's my honest opinion. No offense. Enough of that already, I dont want to tell you all the things, it might spoil everything when you come here. Life is a no fun when there's no shocking moment right ? haha. But for sure, you'll enjoy your life here as much as i enjoy mine.  It's even better than the five years in school, well in a way, school years have taught me lots of things, but here, it's the time to practice all things we learnt. Okay la, time in Faris Petra is still on top of my chart. The reminiscent are the best, the best time that i have, and the time that i will cherish, for the rest of my life.

So, for those who are interested in going to Kyuem, as Kam said in earlier post, try to apply for scholarship as Yayasan UEM, Yayasan Khazanah, PNB, Petronas, Yayasan Tenaga Nasional, Bank Negara and so on. It may be quite a while before the result is out, but it's already time for you guys to start thinking about the scholarships and all this kinda stuff. And, if any of you guys are intending to opt for scholarship from YTN, you can ask me anything about that, i'll be glad to help you guys. And i really want to see my juniors here in Ky, Farisians have name here, but we are not here. If you understand what i'm talking about. So, i'll keep you guys updated if you guys are interested. My contribution here is the least that i can offer you guys, maybe more in the future. once a farisian, always be :)

ps : if you guys need any help on YTN, Kyuem. just ask. drop by at my page, FB . and if you dont want to loose track on the scholarships thingy, go here . read more, and there's nothing that can hold you down :)

a picture when my house, the house of Rawk, Topaz, won Malam Citra Budaya, wanna know more ? come to Ky.haha

au revoir ( oh God, I miss French classes in Faris Petra ) and dont be shock, speak more english starting from today, because here, the main language is English. and you can always find a girlfriend or a boyfriend here.


Nana said...

hi, fikri. excellent post!

you've done kyuem a big favor by promoting their place. haha.

i hope the juniors find it useful.

i have to agree with you that in terms of living, life after school is sooo much better, you have freedom and all, but of course, school memories are always top of the chart. because at that time, you're still a kid and your views on life are yet to be "adulterated".

indeed, English is the main language. especially at Taylor's (ceh, promote Taylor's lak). because Taylor's is the best private college in Malaysia (and the most expensive), so you have many Chinese and even international students, but it's not that bad. It helps with the local-overseas transition thing. and in CPU, you actually get foreign lecturers.

In terms of lifestyle, Taylor's is the best. Because it's in Subang, so it's quite close to Sunway Pyramid,The Summit, Subang Parade, and all those malls. And since there's no curfew, everyday after class, if you want to go to malls, it's just fine, and they don't care whatever time you come back to the apartment (Casa Subang) that JPA asked you to stay at. And for classes, if you go wearing selipar Jepun, singlet, seluar apek also can mah! No dress code. And that's the best part. I show up in jeans and T-shirts, and I don't even have to dress up. Well, you can, if you want to. In IPTA's, INTEC, and most other places, they have dress codes for class like kurung and shoes for girls, sort of like prep at school, and they have outing days and rules. here in Taylor's. There's no rules. Everything that you can ever dreamed of since your school day.

The downside is, food is not provided, so you have to eat out. cooking is a hassle since they don't allow stoves. sucks. food is definitely expensive, so, you have to budget properly aside from buying other keperluan. And there's not much keagamaan stuff, so you kind of have to find your own way and take care of yourselves. I don't see it wrong to make friends with party people, just don't join them if they go clubbing. well, since there's no rules, and nobody's going to tell you to not do this or that, you're going to have to make your own rational decisions on what's right or what's wrong. In a way, it will help in your transition from the local system to the overseas system. you'll probably face the same thing.

In terms of studying, no more playtime. competition is CUTTHROAT.

Life after school is different, fun and challenging. School life is for reminiscence now.

Nana said...

oh yeah, another thing about life after school that's great is, if you didn't fit in at school, in life after school, you meet even more weird people! and that's cool, so you realize you're not really weird after all. School = uniformity. The uniform is actually a symbol of one system, one mindset. But without the uniform, you're free! You're free to be different. You're free to have your own opinions, aside from being free from rules. I used to think that the way I think was different from my schoolmates, but coming to Taylor's I find more people who think the way I do, and since everyone is different and special in their own way here, we accept each other for who we are. no more pulau-pulau. yah-boo-sucks, Faris Petra! eh, no lah, hold your horses, don't shoot me yet. Just in terms of pulau la. definitely. life after school is better. No matter how much you miss school, like I do, and there's no truer friends than high school friends, you're not going to get your school life back, so might as well make the best of your new life. pasal girlfriend-boyfriend yang si fikri cakap tuh, atas individu la. nak cari kat overseas ke masa kerja ke, lepas habis belajar ke, itu up to you. to me program sibuk sangat, no time for this. tapi from my observation, mostly bukan cari girlfriend-boyfriend, cari "calon". girlfriend-boyfriend tu zaman sekolah. keluar sekolah "upgrade" lah sikit. ye lah, semua dah gatal kan. ada-ada je isu kahwin awal lah, bertunanglah. that's the thinglah benda kat sini. you all jangan hanyut sudah. I tell you, premarital sex / nikah awal = dapat anak awal. dapat anak awal = living hell if you can't cope (finance, studies, jaga anak, etc. etc.). Like I said before, nobody's going to tell you don't do this or that. So, pandai-pandai sendirilah and be careful,banyak sangat benda yang boleh buat leka and hanyut. study makin susah tau biarpun hidup makin sedap.

Nur Nafis said...

Tak nak Ky, kena paksa swimming.

Anonymous said...

for me, i don't really care which college you're going to study-kmb, intec, taylor or ky.

what really matter is whether you're fly or not to your intended countries.

so, goodluck to all you guys.

always make farisians proud wherever you go...

Nana said...

to anonymous: yup!

to nafis: diorang kena swimming eh?

ms. nade said...

kam, i think u need ur OWN page for ur long comments..haha..jkjk..

yup, adah oyt keno swimming..

fikriehisham said...

kam >lol, alaa bf gf biasa je :) get a life.hehe.taknak pon takpe.

fish > naah, takdek nye. ak still ta pandai swim ohh.

anon > oh yeah, the most important is too fly. Man, when people keep saying doing a level is easy, i just want them to do it as well. it's not that easy lah. of course, it's quite easy if to compare with form six or matrix. but the difficult part is the requirement of the sponsors . they wont let us fly that easy, even YTN only requires 12 points for A level, ohmygod. 12 is quite easy, but for sure no uni will accept me with such a low result, at least AAB. and it also depends on the course, as in i myself, my course is EP engineering, so, S'oton is the best choice. so, that means, more competition aite *sigh*
btw, thinking of flying to UK is the best motivation :)

Nana said...

nade: malah eh nok wak page baru, nanti orang lost track discuss pasal apa. bestnya swimming. i never learnt how to swim. ironically banyak pulak activity i join involve water. berapa kali dah hampir lemas. bagusnya la budak ky.

nik amirul hakim said...

an important note utk korg yg applying for scholarships : you actually CANNOT choose your choice of pre-u program n d place to complete it(kalu gune kabel xtau la tu). yg bleh pilih cume major je.
*not sure of BNM n Khazanah camne.

unless you're sponsored by MAS, only then you get to choose so.

MAS = mak ayah support

Nana said...

okay, thanks, Hakim.