Friday, December 17, 2010

Of Dreams And Plans

At this stage, you're probably wondering, what am I gonna do about my life? Or probably you post SPM kids just want to enjoy being bored first, well, up to you. But some of you might be thinking, what's next?

Even so, when you're filling out scholarship application forms, you still have to think about what field you're going to pursue right?

The thing when choosing your career, people will always say:

"choose something that suits your personality."

"choose something that suits your capability."

"choose something that suits your interest."

Those are all true, but the bigger factor now is:

"are there many scholarship places offered for my chosen field?"

"what are the job demands of my field of choice?"

So, it's not just about living your dream, it's about being realistic as well. What you want may not necessarily be what you get. Even people now claim that, "you may not end up doing what you wanted to do what you dreamed of in the first place" or "you can get a different job even though you pursue your degree."

So, it all comes down to job demands.

So, while trying to figure out which field you'd want to pursue, you have to take those criterias into consideration and do your research before deciding the next step.

"which universities offer this course?"

"what are the requirements?"

such and such.

Something for post-SPM kids to think about.


Anonymous said...

ape yg pnting dulu,plih course aper yg kiter minat....jgn main letak jer nk amik course ape aslkn dpt pegi ovrc...or korg akn mnyesal kmudian hr...blaja kat mane2 pon samer jer...

afiq aziz 0509

Nana said...

yup, setuju dengan statement itu.

Anonymous said...

2010 fivers, you guys should struggle to get scholarship to ovc. very great experience, once in a lifetime. i guarantee that u guys will have many great experiences in ovc. so don't miss the opportunity to study in ovc.