Thursday, December 16, 2010


SPM is finished. Hurrah for the fivers. Welcome to the club of ex-students! Enjoy your freedom. Enjoy your boredom while it lasts, before moving on to the next stage of your lives. Life after school is fun albeit more challenging.

Would love to hear more from you guys.

Anyway, in terms of scholarships, after your results are out, look out for these:

1. JPA/MARA. like, d-uh.
2. Petronas
3. PNB
4. TNB
5. Telekom
6. Khazanah
7. Sime Darby
8. Security Commission
9. The Star
10. Bank Negara


Anonymous said...

I thought felda was also one of the sponsors-common one- when i was in intec.

Nana said...

I'm not sure if felda still offers scholarships. jarang dengar, but it can be checked out.