Friday, January 30, 2009

Kak Zan's Canteen Capers

don't deny it, you're not a true blue farisian if this issue never became a part of your life, or even your conversation at FAris.
Yep, if anyone asks for a belanja it has to be Kak Zan's nasi ayam.
On malam Jumaats after Isya' prayers, feeling bored with nothing to do, head to Kak Zan's for a serving of nasi air or even maggie, or more nasi ayam for that matter, ahh..those memories..almost eveerybody in Faris has them, you can't deny it.
not enough to whet your appetite?
what about those times when they used to 'boycott' Kak Zan because of the highly prized foods.
even so, we still head to the canteen for a bite anyway. Trust me, the boys would agree with me that the dining food alone is not enough to satisfy our love of eating. I admit, I do feel hungry twenty-four seven at faris, I don't know why.
so, lets your stories on you and kak Zan eh?
this would surely be an interesting topic indeed, yep, untuk sape2 yang sempat dgn kak zan ajela kan?
things to think about:
1. is boycotting the right thing to do?
2. how do we remedy this canteen food price problem?
or just simply share whatever memories of you and the canteen.heh.
well, this is my last one before I go back to faris tomorrow, I'll leave this topic for you guys discuss on it, eh?
I'll be back for a report on 'corporate day', the new school 'policy'. salam.


Anonymous said...

yeah,nobody can deny it.

if she cant increase the prise,
she will decrease the chicken size

anyway, upon my days at FARIS, until now, there are times when we used to 'boycott' kak zan...
but one question for u guys,
"do it solve the prob?"...
other than 'muka terkejut n mulut terlompong tngok bdak lalu jer tanpa singgah kat kantin dia maser boycott aritu', what else that it affects?
come on, she is the only one who sells 'nasi' in our school.
in other words, she dominates the food industry within the school.

cadangan:wat la solat hajat ke aper untuk bkk ati kak zan utk trunkan harga nasi...

afiqah said...

jap2..kak zan naek hrga lg ko?? isyh2..hrp2 sume sabar je la..
xde ke tender bru yg nk msuk??

9498 said...

Kak Zan is the best since 96 if i not mistaken....
n now her daughter is my cousin wife...hahahahha...
Kecik je dunia ni.....

nurul said...

kak zan lagi ke kantin tu..ingatkan dah org lain.. eh bnyak plak nk komen kt blog ni.haha